Gearup Couriers have always believed in using the latest technologies & systems to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Below is a breakdown of the various systems currently being used:

Document Processing

A tailor made software package , designed for the courier industry is used to manage\control all major functions at Gearup. Some of these functions include:

  • Billing
  • Manifesting
  • Invoicing & financials
  • Estimates\Quotes
  • Collections
  • POD management
Inhouse facilities

We provide our bigger clients with an inhouse system designed to take the hassle out of getting your shipments ready for delivery. The inhouse system prints labels & waybills and also generates a daily handover manifest to ensure both parties are in agreement on the freight being handed over to Gearup couriers.

Online POD Tracking

Our online POD system allows clients to log into our system via the web and view their waybill\POD information. Clients can search a specific waybill, or search for multiple waybills over a specific date period. When the waybill is viewed, a Scanned POD image will be available for you to print or download , saving you the hassle of having to call into the office for POD information.

Document Scanning

All our POD's are scanned into the system once returned to our office. Scanned images are then available for clients via email\internet\cd etc.

Barcode POD Tracking

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