General Courier
  • SameDay Express
  • Early Bird Service
  • Overnight Express
  • Normal Freight Service
  • Road freight Service
International & Crossborder
  • We offer a range of international and crossborder services, Airfreight\RoadFreight\Courier (Quoted on request)
Bulk Consignments
  • We provide a bulk courier service on special loads , Ton - 1 Ton - 4 Ton - 8 Ton (Quoted on request)
Special Projects
  • Once off projects where specialised cost structures, warehousing, insurance and distribution needs are attended to on both local and international levels.
  • Warehousing problems could also be a thing of the past. We offer the service. We will provide storage/warehousing according to the requirements of the client.
    (Quoted on request)

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